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Need To Know Cake Tips

You know how to bake one. You’ve read all the recipe books. Armed with the finest bakeware and the best stand mixer on the block, you can rise to the challenge and whip up an impressive cake on the spot.

You’ve mastered the mix, finished the filling and perfected the icing; you know all the tricks… Or do you?

We think there are a few more crucial details you need to know.

So get a slice of the action and whisk your way through these weird and wonderful tips to keep your cake delicious, right to the last crumb.

Cutting It Fine

You’ve had birthdays a plenty – you know how to cut a cake properly, right?

Based on 100-year tip, the best way to divvy up your cake is in parallel lines – not in the triangular shape we’ve long known. This way you can push the cake back together and stop it drying out. Brilliant.

Crumbly Slices

Does your inner perfectionist crave the perfect slice? The unbroken slither without the trace of a crumb or cream dollop out of place?

All you’ll need is a hot, sharp knife. Place your knife in a jug of near-boiling water and leave for a couple of minutes. Dry off and slice through that cake like its butter. Effortless.

Stale Mate

Too much cake to eat in one go? The secret to extending the shelf life of cakes, bizarrely, goes like this: store the cake alongside a couple of sugar cubes or half an apple. Weird but it works.

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