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When better to launch our new range of espresso makers than just before International Coffee Day? Celebrations and events are happening all over the world on October 1st, so be sure to raise a mug to the coffee growers, farmers and roasters who keep us caffeinated on the day. To get in on the action, we’ve launched a collection of new espresso machines to suit every taste, budget and kitchen counter. Keep reading to find the one for you.

The 4 Bar Espresso Machine.

Coffee is all about personal preference, right? Some may like a precise and engineered espresso, some prefer an arty, Instagram influenced latte and then some just love a good old simple shot of espresso! For the latter, The 4 Bar Espresso Machine will welcome you with open arms ready to fill your cup up with a shot of fresh, rich goodness!

The hottest features: More budget friendly than its big sister (The 15 Bar Espresso Machine), this machine is a rare find with a 4-bar operating pressure to produce a tasty shot every time. Not to mention it’s super compact and has that nostalgic Italian vibe people are really loving at the moment. So, if you’re new to the espresso industry this is a budget-friendly alternative that gives you the opportunity to perfect your barista skills and discover exactly how you love your coffee.

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The 15 Bar Espresso Machine.

If your early mornings are motivated by a full-bodied, steaming espresso then let the 15 Bar Espresso Machine be your wake-up call. Get this clever little appliance set up in your kitchen to enjoy the taste and aroma of a fresh coffee whenever you want. With a 1.5L water tank, there’s enough space to accommodate two espresso cups or one full size cappuccino cup at one time.

The hottest features: Aside from the 15-bar steam pressure, the milk frother with steam control dial makes a rich milky foam, meaning your lattes and cappuccinos will be soft and silky! We’ve also included a 2-in-1 measuring spoon and tamper for all your barista needs.

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The 15 Pro Bar Espresso Machine.

In a world of espresso machines where each model can cost anywhere from dozens to thousands of pounds, you want the most bang for your buck. The 15 Pro Bar Espresso Machine is a décor-driven machine that’ll complement any kitchen countertop and features reusable stainless steel filters and a cup warming grill on top for preheating your mug.

The hottest features: It doesn’t ask for the 15-30 minute boiler warmup like some other big-brand names, instead just 5 to 10 minutes and it’s good to go. (Ideal for both your morning coffee routine and your quick after-dinner americano or late-night hot chocolate.) It’s also a cinch to clean, and to seal the deal it includes a handy frothing wand, perfect for the user who wants to top their espresso with a creamy froth. When you add it all up you’ve got a good candidate for best value when it comes to home espresso makers.

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So, hopefully our insight has helped you pick out the espresso maker you want in your kitchen. And as seen as you’ll be making coffee shop quality coffees in no time, you might need this little added extra too…

9 Piece Coffee Set.

Whether you’re a budding brew maker or already consider yourself an aficionado when it comes to coffee, the 9 Piece Coffee Set is the ultimate kit for a coffee connoisseur, combining every barista’s secret ingredients so you can save yourself a trip (and some extra change) to the coffee shop.

The hottest features: The super set includes a 1000ml milk jug, coffee tamper, milk thermometer, 2-in-1 coffee clip/spoon, 4 coffee stencils and a coco shaker. Phew. With the goodies in this set you can give your cappuccinos, hot chocolates and lattes that professional barista-style finish with the coco shaker and stencils.

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This International Coffee Day make sure you have your priorities straight – coffee first, everything else next. Not too different from a regular day for most of us to be honest.