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Grow Your Own Vegetable Garden

Haven’t we all toyed with the idea of creating our own vegetable garden? Setting up a little vegetable patch in the garden and serving up homegrown carrots and tomatoes? Forgoing the supermarket fruit and veg aisle for lovingly tendered spuds?

If you always, somehow get put off: you don’t have the time, space nor the green-fingered expertise, then listen in. Growing your own vegetable garden is a lot easier than you might expect.

Whether you’ve got acres or a small window basket; plenty of time or none at all: there’s an easy-to-grow vegetable for you.

Still not convinced? Have a look at these easy gardening ideas for city spaces.

Gardens & Patios: Grow Salad Leaves

Sick of finding yourself at the mercy of salad use by dates? Pick up a packet of salad leaf seeds for pennies and plant your own. Grow in the ground or in small a patio planter for fresh, flavourful leaves through the spring and summer.

Top tip: save your stumps - you should be able to get a second and third batch out of them.

Patios & Balconies: Potatoes

Save yourself the effort of hauling heavy sacks of spuds; growing your own is extremely easy and incredibly convenient. No garden required. Plant on the sunniest spot on your balcony or patio if you’re short on space. Mashed, boiled or layered on top of a piping hot shepherd’s pie, your tasty taters will form the crux of amazing meals all year round.

Top tip: can’t wait to tuck into your potatoes? Chit before you plant to give them a head start - they could be ready in as little as eight weeks.

Hanging Baskets & Window Boxes: Tomatoes

One of the speediest vegetables to grow and far superior in taste than their supermarket counterparts, producing your own tomatoes is a fantastic way to discover juicy new varieties. No garden? No worries - patios, balconies, hanging baskets and window boxes make brilliant homes for bush varieties. Grow from seed or head to your local garden centre for tomato plug plants.

Top tip: allow tomatoes to fully ripen in the sun for the sweetest, tastiest tomatoes ever.

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