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Easy BBQ Cheats

Barbeque season is finally here. Whether you’re a seasoned pro or beginner griller, here are some easy tips to cheat your way to the perfect barbeque.


Nothing beats the taste of food straight off the barbeque. However, prepping and cooking on a charcoal barbecue can take up a big chunk of time. Whilst the charcoal is heating up, pre-cook your sausages and burgers in the oven. Then give them a couple of minutes each side on the barbecue to finish them off. This way you know your food is cooked through – and you’ve not missed out on that same tasty barbeque char.

Go Electric

Forget the traditional coal and even gas barbecues, the easiest and quickest way to barbeque is to go electric. Not only does an electric barbecue heat up incredibly quickly, they take the guess work out of knowing when the grill is ready to start cooking. No more messing with firelighters and briquettes or wrangling with gas canisters; with an electric barbecue all you need is a plug socket and you are good to go. Bonus – should the weather take a turn, your electric barbeque can be used indoors.

Liquid Smoke

Although often frowned upon by true barbecue connoisseurs, adding a dash of liquid smoke is the cheat’s way to getting that delicious, slow smoked barbecue flavour that everyone loves. Add it to chicken, ribs and even vegetables to add another dimension in taste.

Use A Slow Cooker

Pulled pork, beef brisket, even ribs – these barbecue classics can all be prepared in advance using a slow cooker. Slow cooking not only produces food with rich, deep flavours, but will also save cooking time later on. Sticky ribs, prepared in a slow cooker, can be finished on the barbecue to give them a delicious charred finish too.

Use Sprigs Of Rosemary As Kebab Skewers

Bamboo skewers can often prove elusive in the supermarkets come barbeque season. Instead why not use sprigs of fresh rosemary to skewer meat and vegetables. Not only do these make kebabs look super fancy, the heat from the barbeque will infuse the favour of the rosemary into your food.

Throw Some Aromatic Herbs Onto The Barbecue

Talking of herbs – a super quick way of infusing your food with a burst of flavour is to throw a handful of herbs such as rosemary or sage straight on the grill before adding your food. Not only will your food be extra tasty, your garden will smell wonderful.

Grease Your Grill

Give the grill of your barbecue a quick coat with some flavoured oil, such as garlic or chilli, before starting to cook. Not only will this help to flavour the food, but will also help to prevent food from sticking, leaving your grill easier to clean – winner winner chicken dinner.

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