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How To Become A Picnic Professional!

If there are two things sure to make you happy, it’s good food and glorious sunshine – so plan a picnic to enjoy bucket loads of both. The new and improved 2018 VonShef Picnicware Range was designed to offer you the ultimate combination of outdoorsy style and practical packing. The vast and varied range has something to suit all nature lovers – whether it’s a romantic picnic for two or a family fun day… a mountain trek or a walk in the park.

Amongst the collection, you’ll find everything from holdalls and hampers to blankets and backpacks, in an array of colours and patterns. One of the most highly sought-after items in the range is the new 4-Person Adventure Backpack – and it’s really no surprise! It’s packed with clever features that’ll have you wanting to picnic every day of the sunny season.

Here’s how to become a picnic professional thanks to the VonShef Adventure Backpack.

1. Make No Compromises.

Why should you have to choose between pork pies and scotch eggs? If you want both, have both with the roomy Adventure Backpack. It has a large main compartment, so there’s no need to reduce your crisps to dust just to fit them in. Designed to hold enough for 4, fill your backpack with all your favourites.

2. Avoid Soggy Sandwiches.

Warning: it’s about to get scientific. The handy cooler compartment features an insulated aluminium foil lining (told you) which keeps food fresh and cool for longer – perfect for cold meats, sandwiches, cheese, fruit, dips, desserts and more. Plus, this compartment can be completely removed from the backpack if you won’t be packing anything chilled.

3. Don’t Risk Dropping Anything.

Everything has its place inside the Adventure Backpack. There’s a cutlery wrap and a netted pouch, as well as elasticated placeholders to keep everything secure. Plus, with strong zips and durable fabric, you can rest assured nothing’s getting out – unless you want it too of course.

4. Broaden Your Horizons.

With quality stainless steel knives, forks and spoons, as well as plates it doesn’t have to be just finger food. Why not pack a summer salad bowl or a prawn cocktail? The sky’s the limit when you take away the limitations!

5. Look The Part.

Once you’re all packed, it’s time to throw the backpack over your shoulder and head out. Show the other picnickers that you mean business! The natural khaki and brown colourway is perfect for your outdoor adventures, while the faux leather and brass buckles add an earthy yet high-quality feel.

6. Find The Perfect Spot.

Don’t just throw yourself down anywhere because your picnic bag is heavy. With comfortable padded adjustable straps and a top handle, the Adventure Backpack will sit securely on your back allowing you to roam free. It means you have the time to find the ideal location by the water, on the top of the hill or in the shade of a tree.

7. Get Comfortable.

The backpack comes with a large L115 x W135 matching picnic blanket neatly rolled up on the front of the backpack. Simply undo the buckles, lay it out and take a corner each! There’s plenty of space for 4, and because the underside is waterproof – in the words of Mary Berry – there won’t be a soggy bottom in sight.

8. Stay Hydrated.

The midday sun can really take it out of you! Make sure you stay hydrated by packing plenty of water. Each side of the backpack has a bottle holder – and you’ll be pleased to know that one of them is specially designed to hold a bottle of wine. So, that’s wine for the adults and a refreshing fruit juice for the children.

9. Keep It Clean.

The Adventure Backpack really does have everything covered. Even once you’re finished enjoying your feast, you can clean up messy faces with gentle cotton napkins.
And last but not least…

10. Make It A Real Adventure!

This really does go without saying. However and wherever your al fresco experience takes place, make sure it’s an occasion to remember with lots of laughter, fun and of course full bellies.

Share your perfect picnic with us using #VonShef, we’d love to see how you put any of the Picnicware items to good use.